Artist Statement

Why do I paint? It brings me joy.
Why do I work in different media? It's adventurous and challenging.
Why are there various styles in my work? To keep me away from my comfort zone.

These are the basics of my art. Beginning from water colour and transitioning into oil, clay, pencil and acrylic, the journey has been quite an experimental one. Working in different media has a hidden advantage of versatility.

Starting with a blank canvas frame of mind and proceeding with the guidance of shapes and colours, is the common theme of all mediums I work with. Whilst working in different mediums, it’s very important for me to do justice to them individually. Respecting the technical aspect of every medium and pushing it to its limits to achieve the required results is both interesting and gratifying. It makes the progress of my work stimulating to my imagination and lures me to start a new piece.

Every idea comes with its own demands of materials. The application of material is linked with the perception of thinking. Therefore a well balanced composition is a natural feature of my work and the aim is to portray an aesthetically pleasing piece of work. 

There are multiple pieces belonging to each art style, although diverse in subject matter, they are grouped around a similar style of application. While experimenting in a variety of media - the approach and process of each project is consistent, allowing the subject matter and the material to complement each other. 

My work is a reflection of my subconscious mind. The multifaceted approach that encompasses painting, drawing and sculpture has diverse subject matters which have always pushed boundaries and opened doors to visualise unique ideas that enhance versatility each time.