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My work has made me aware of the subconscious mind.


Sangeeta is a gifted artist, with a multifaceted approach that encompasses paintings, drawings, watercolours and sculptures. Sangeeta's paintings in their pure abstract expression require sheer introspection. Her sculptures show a great understanding of human nature, reflecting on various emotions, such as joy, pain and despair and portraying human values of love, trust and betrayal. Her watercolours and drawings display vivid imagination and a sense of fantasy. The artist's work is definitely worth more than a glance for its exquisite show.


Born in India, Sangeeta became interested in art at an early age. Her passion for art only grew during her school years, and encouraged her to pursue the subject in higher education.

She holds bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a postgraduate degree in Fine Arts and Appreciations from renowned universities. She was ranked second in Punjabi University, India and also awarded as the "Artist of the Year".

In university, Sangeeta held her first exhibition at Punjab Government Museum and Art Gallery in India. She has since done three solo shows, participated in various exhibitions and also attended an Artist Camp along with several eminent artists organised by Sahitaya Kala Parishad, New Delhi ( The Cultural wing of the Government of Delhi for music, dance, drama & fine arts ).

Sangeeta's work has been displayed at various prestigious galleries, including the Royal Western England Academy in Bristol, and the National Gallery of Modern Art and All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society ( AIFACS ) in New Delhi. Her work is held by many private collectors.

Sangeeta currently works from her home studio in Surrey where she lives with her husband and golden retierver. She has two daughters.

A selection of Sangeeta's pieces are represented by Flat Space Art, Siott Gallery and SmArtArt Inc.